Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Things I resolve to do in the new year:

1) Sleep a little more, eat a little less
2) Establish a realistic and sustainable workout regime
3) Attend church on more than holidays, maybe get involved
4) Work enough to pay bills, not enough to require medication
5) Spend the summer with my toes in the sand
6) Call and write beloved, never forgotten, friends and family
7) Actively engage in support of work/life balance for all
8) Love my kids with abandon

Things I resolve NOT to do in the new year:

1) Conform
2) Hyperventilate
3) Overspend
4) Panic
5) Worry
6) Fret
7) Give up
8) Forget

Notice a theme?

I make this promise to myself - to be who I am without apology. And most importantly, to be unbelieveably, wildly happy. And grateful. And thankful. Very, very thankful.