Saturday, August 19, 2006

Late Night Musings

I don't have a problem with food. Not at all - I love it and I eat it all day long. I graze from the moment I awaken to the moment my head hits the pillow. I do it idly, while surfing the web, and I do it with vigor, head down, fork never resting.

My sister and my dad are phenomenal cooks. They subscribe to all sorts of cooking magazines and swap recipes, successes and failures, and take classes a the Culinary Institue in NYC. On the other hand, my mother and I are quite satisfied with a South Beach Diet snack bar, a tv dinner or a bowl of cereal. I hate making a mess of the kitchen for just the four of us. It's not that I can't cook - but rather, I prefer not to. I don't mind grilling or broiling...I am comfortable blasting the life out of food, but I am just as comfortable making a pb&j and sitting down to read the paper.

My mom and I joke that she and I eat to live, where my dad and my sister live to eat. There is a difference, though struggling with weight issues is not predetermined or universal to either group. We are all caught in the metabolic crossfire that causes our stomachs to protrude in a 12 weeks pregnant kind of way, our thighs and hips to spread, and our boobs to sag. (Maybe that one isn't so much about weight!)

For my birthday this year, I just want a big bowl of motivation. Motivation to improve not just what I eat, but how much I eat of it. Motivation to sit in front of the tv and do one of my many, many exercise cds. Motivation to get my ass in gear and go for a very long walk.


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