Monday, August 28, 2006

Party Girl

This weekend was my daughter's christening. We had immediate family and a few friends here at the house for a party after the church. From the second people walked in the door to the moment we went to bed there was food involved. For the most part, there were reasonably healthy selections to choose from but it was the sheer amount of food that was overwhelming. We didn't even serve everything we had bought and we gave leftovers to everyone we could grab on their way out the door. The fridge is still stuffed and the counter is covered with plates of desserts and bags of bread that were untouched. This will be the week of leftovers for sure.

After the party ended it was pajamas and Emmy awards. Watching all of the pretty actors dressed up is always entertaining. Rating everyone's appearance from the confines of our couch is the most fun. There were a couple of people who I think need to sit down to a nice meal but mostly everyone looked pretty healthy.

My mom and I lasted the longest, staying up until the bitter end. We sat through the commercials since we were watching the show live and couldn't take advantage of the power of the Fast Forward button. And that was when I saw it. A McDonald's commercial with children in it - children with red balloons. One child does not have a balloon and starts wailing...until the mother hands him a big container of McDonald's french fries. The child immediately stops crying and the next thing you know all of the balloons are released to the sky as the kids make a break for the fries. Yeah - that's a valuable lesson for parents AND children.


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