Monday, June 30, 2008

Got Milk? Or Anything Else?

I love my milkman. Well, I don’t actually know him – or her – for that matter, but I do love whoever it is. I can’t believe that anyone ever thought that it was a better idea to go to the store yourself. I mean, how uncivilized! Crazy people and lines and junk all cluttered together…yuck!

I think that in this day and age, the pleasure to have the convenience of home delivery is underrated. It’s f’n awesome. It is so reassuring to know that I can remember at 11:15 pm on Wednesday night that we also need eggs or cream or a coffee cake – and have it there when I wake up on Thursday. In fact, I can remember right up until midnight. How cool is that?

In this economy, with these fuel prices, to know that I don’t have to make an extra trip somewhere, and to keep me away from the tempting and well-placed goodies is the best thing ever.

A family friend recently took a position delivering for a dairy in Massachusetts after losing his job. He tells me that for some of his clients, he even brings the products right into the house, rotates and stocks the refrigerator and notes what they may need…for them. Are you kidding me? Can I get someone to come in, get my kids out of bed and get them ready for school in the morning? What would that be worth?

You can have companies deliver all kinds of things, and pick up all kinds of things. You can have companies come service your car in the parking lot of your place of work – I saw a truck yesterday advertising a company that comes to your house to wash your car for you.

We went from having the world delivered to having to go get it ourselves. But, then we got too busy to go from place to place and now we are edging in the other direction. I want everyone to go out and find a company that delivers something and sign up! Videos, groceries, dry cleaning, etc. Enjoy having “staff” – live like the rich, for just a moment!


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