Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I am a Club Mom member. Club Mom is a great community resource for women. There are message boards, blogs, articles and advice, advertisements and shopping links. Today I was reading a comment on the Childhood Obesity message board and felt compelled to respond.

Excerpts from the post...

"i've recently read an article about how the schools are being made now to make overweight children aware that it's not healthy to be fat. I know it's not, but why should overweight children be ousted by adults just because they are fat. They already have it rough with other children. No one takes the time to look that all of my children get good grades or are well-behaved...they just look at the fact the two have big stomachs so they automatically think they eat too much or eat unhealthy without taking into consideration it might be health problems or some otehr reason for it."

Basically, my reply...

We are all responsible for solving this problem and I prefer that no one person, business or entity take on all the blame for this epidemic. We can spend far too much time looking for the source of the problem then focusing on solving it. Children, in particular, are stigmatized for their appearances and whether the end results are poor health, depression or isolation, obesity must be addressed.

Schools are trying. Communities are trying. Organizations are trying. Please understand that this is an evolution - did you know that the state of Arkansas is the first and only in the nation to have stopped the increase in childhood obesity? This was a result of "report cards" coming home to parents that showed their children's BMI and indicated whether or not the children were at risk for problems or in immediate need of help. Just getting the information out to parents and families had a significant impact.

Solutions come from many different places - physicians, support groups, diet, exercise, medication, education, etc. There is no one answer to this problem but many opportunities for assistance. Please don't be discouraged by what you see - for every misstep that you witness, look for a program, resource or outlet that is meaningful to you in order to find a positive and successful outcome for your family.

Am I right?


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