Friday, September 29, 2006

The Queen Isn't Dead, She's Just Busy

Once upon a time, I was the Queen of the Earth. Okay, not really the queen but certainly a legend in my own mind. My younger sister so nicknamed me in the heat of a battle when we were little. "You're not the queen of the earth, Kirsten!" she exclaimed. (Picture a fire hydrant with pig tails and a lisp if you really want the visual.)

Since then, I have jokingly been T.Q.O.T.E. for years. Before blogs existed, I had a website with a friend of mine that was a place to rant and vent and generally offer opinions on all things interesting to us. Deb designed this awesome logo - on the site, the crown even spun! was fun and it was a stress reliever but it wasn't a money maker and it wasn't the hit we envisioned when we created it. And so, like many things that seem like great ideas for people with unlimited time and resources, it went to the website graveyard in the sky.

I still affectionately sign emails to my family TQOTE - I wouldn't want anyone to think I have forgotten who I am. Or let them forget who I am. Yes, a legend in my own mind. The queen has a day job, a house full of laundry and dirty dishes, a pile of bills and a to do list a mile long. Where have all my subjects gone?


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